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We are Sydneys No1 supplier of L.E.D Panel screens for both indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor Screens

Dynavision indoor LED display product range concentrates on providing the highest pixel density for the right application. We deliver premium colour depth, whiter whites, and maximum image clarity with seamless blending of colours. Our indoor display range from P7.62mm, P6mm, P3mm, P2.5mm to P1.9mm in RGB (Red, Green and Blue) layout.

Outdoor Screens

Dynavsion outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unrivalled brightness and contrast levels. We provide various pixel pitch displays with technology to generate the perfect picture at all times, even in direct sunlight. Together with IP65 rating the displays can be exposed to the most severe weather conditions without effecting the image quality.

Mobile Screens

Dynavsion mobile LED displays are ideal for any type of outdoor event, a large music festival, a state fair or a conference. We have screens for every application, our reliable fleet of outdoor displays deliver the right visual impact, every time. Our professional staff can help you with a solution.


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Some of the technology we use.

  • Extreme Colour Quality

    Full Colour Mobile Digital Advertising Truck Mounted LED Screen with Multi Media Control, 20KVA, Diesel Fuelled to reach the widest audience for any upcoming event or campaign.

  • The Design of Driving Circuit

    To ensure brightness consistency, a reasonable driving circuit design is needed. The driving IC configuration in the driving circuit board of the display and is also the influence of LED brightness.

  • Pseudo Soldering Control

    Vibration test before delivery is also part of our quality assurance. Over 50% of LED faults are caused by various false welding LED pins, IC pin solder and pin header, SMT solder. We solve these problems by improving the technical skills and testing the quality needed.

  • Anti-static Function

    The factory of assembly should be equipped with anti-static precautions. Exclusive static-free ground, anti-static soldering iron, anti-static cushion, anti-static cloth, humidity control and grounded equipment especially cutting machine are all basic needs for factory. In addition, test with static monitor regularly is also necessary./p>

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More about the Company

Our history and experience sets us apart.

Established in 1971 during the emergence of internet, and the introduction of more and more online businesses trading, we came to the conclusion that conventional retail will require a better representation. Dynavsion digital advertising delivers a solution to help businesses of all kinds to tell a story through digital displays, “the silent sales person”.

Operating as consultant and creative partners to businesses, we deliver innovative digital advertising signs for Indoor outdoor and mobile applications. We deliver everything from detailed cutting edge digital sign designs to a battery-operated single colour LED street sign trailers. We provide best for purpose, affordable, reliable, full colour LED or single colour signs for commercial applications of all kind. Dynavision digital advertising takes care of the whole implementation; the planning, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

All our technicians are fully trained and have a rich background in digital advertising technology, which help us understand the very essence of the audio visual (AV) industry. And as a result, we serve you better.

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